Risk Management Services

Sophisticated solutions for your risk management desk. Monitor exposures, market impact, pricing and trading flow to help you protect your company from risks. Our tools and strategies are built to think like a risk manager.

Key Features

Trade Watcher

Real time trade activity monitoring. Exposure,profit & loss, floating & settled positions and real- time alerts at any given time.

Regardless of the type of flow, our liquidity experts will provide you transparency and greater control to implement new or existing strategies more efficiently, while capturing market opportunities cost effectively.

Price Guard

Identify abnormal market prices, spikes and sudden spread changes by receiving real time alerts based on your preferred configurations.

Fully functional on different devices with optimal performance, customized alerts can be sent via push notifications to any preferred device.

Smart BI/Analytics

Gain complete insight to precious information through our BI/Analytics platform. Aggregate, shape, transform and visualize your data in a couple of seconds.

Analyze and reconcile risk data instantly, providing data-driven profit opportunities from real-time information to take timely actions. Keep updated on your positions and P&L with real-time customizable information from any number of MT4/MT5 platforms.

Portofolio Optimizer

Cost-effective book management to enhance your returns. Effectively implement your ideas by utilizing our optimization tool to test portfolio constructions. Find your ideal blend by taking into account model risk, transaction costs, taxes, and risk parameters.

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Our risk management solutions are tailored for you if you require assistance in managing your risk. To provide you a full service risk management capacity, our seasoned team of risk managers makes use of our industry-leading risk intelligence and trading technologies.
To protect you from trading conditions outside of predetermined risk tolerances, we can manage your whole trading flow using a risk engine that continuously analyzes and executes each order.

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